Creating a Vision Board is transformational process.

It allows you to access your deeper wisdom or higher self.  Making a vision board gives you a clear understanding of what is going on in your life and what it is that you want to make happen. ​

This process is about far more than creating just an image board or collage.

It’s about getting a clear perspective on your life, realising and acknowledging what is not working  for you and clearly connecting with yourself and your dreams to move forward.  We can do this through meditation and linking with our heart energy. Vision Boards are about how we want to feel in our lives and our feelings, it is about emotion and what is in our heart rather than directly manifesting more possessions, or how acquiring a certain 'posession' will make us feel.  

In our busy lives we need to make space for ourselves to intentionally define our dreams. We need to take time to just sit, think and dream. This process is one of the most powerful tools to help us define our vision and here as realisation or outcome, we use our own creativity to define our own visions and ideal outcomes in a practical way. 

Why do Vision Boards work?
​Vision Boards work because they are visual, we can keep them in a prominent place, like the fridge door for example, so that we can remind ourselves on regular basis what our goals and aspiriations are.  Basically we keep our visions in mind everyday, we focus on making changes to accommodate our desires. Visualisation if a powerful tool and each time we see the board we re-run the visualisation of our desire, re-inforcing it.  When you make a vision board you are saying to your subconscious mind that these are the things that you want and that you are worthy of having those things  in your life and that you wholeheartedly well and truly deserve them.