Working with Spirit - About me

Sue Slatford - Spirit Artist
I have been aware of spirit since I was a child.  My first real experience was at the age of about 8 in a store in Portsmouth.  I heard voices in my head and really did not know what was going on,  but I never forgot that moment and I spent many years questioning what it was until I came to understand about Spirit.  My mum and auntie were very keen on all things spiritual and psychic, and used to have sittings with an elderly medium called Doris who would sit in the back of my auntie's antique shop in North End in Portsmouth.

However, although spirit kept on knocking throughout my life, I didn't do anything about developing my spiritual side until I came from London to live in Norfolk in 2000.  In 2003, I ran several very old 16th century pubs and found that there was not just spirit in the optics in those old public houses.  A well known local medium came in one day and said I should be developing my gift and so I eventually did.....

I trained as a spiritual healer at first because to me, that was far less scary than mediumship. I then progressed on to work as a Spirit Artist working alongside varoius other mediums and now I occasionally work on my own doing both the mediumship and art.  

Most of my life, I have worked in the fashion industry as a designer and design management consultant,  later on training as a design and technology teacher.  I have always done something creative and artistic, and for me becoming a spirit artist was a natural progression. 

​In 2016/17 I attended Tony Stockwell's Mentorship group and that was a brilliant year, I met some lovely people and had the benefit of course of Tony's teaching too and more recently Andy Byng as well.

I also like Trance, and this is my current focus for my own development, I sit with Roger Colman who is one of Norfolk's best tutors.