S U E  S L A T F O R D
​Spirit Artist
'Spirit in my Pocket'​​
      A R T    I N S P I R E D    B Y    S P I R I T
Hello and welcome.  My name is Sue and I am a Spirit Artist and Medium. My work as an artist in this context is to draw the faces of spirits that have passed from this side of life into the spirit world.  I am also a qualified teacher, spiritual healer, hypnotherapist and silversmith.  

As well as doing readings, I run workshops on different aspects of spirit art.  I like to work with abstract art but do also teach portraiture techniques as well.  

More recently, I have been working with setting intent in my art work and seeing what happens on the paper when the paint settles. I love doing this as you never know what you will get, it's surprising and I love the amazing faces that emerge in the paintings! More on this in my blog!
​I like working on a one to one basis best, I offer several different types of readings, outlined below.  Sometimes, we might feel we need a reading.  Maybe we are feeling stuck, at a crossroads or just don't know which way to turn.  A reading can  help us make decisions and discovering our spirit family are there to support us in what we do, can be a great comfort.   I offer, one to one readings with or without a drawing (spirit, soul or psychic) or an auragraph. People have readings for many different reasons.

​A spirit reading will attempt to contact the spirit people around you (but cannot be guaranteed).  A psychic reading is looking and working with your own energy, meaning the energy of the client.  A soul reading looks back at the journey of the soul. I usually do a combination of all three. 

 If you’ve never had a soul, psychic or spirit reading before, it may be a little weird to think about somebody looking deeply into your life and it may seem impossible to decide which reading method to choose. However, there are countless benefits to having a reading; it can provide you with clarity and insight into your life and give you hints and ideas on how to resolve any current issues.  It can also give you a nudge and help you move in the right direction with more confidence.

Readings are quite  relaxed and are designed to make you feel comfortable. One to one readings are time spent where you can be listened to and the love of spirit is also there to guide you.

Below is some information on the work I do as a spirit artist...

One to One Readings

Demonstrations of Mediumship​​​​
and Spirit Art


When working on Platform, I usually work with another medium and very occasionally on my own. The object of a platform demonstration is to give evidence of survival in a short message to as many people as possible in the audience..  So we have to work quickly!

When I am working with a medium I usually sit with my back to the audience so that the audience can see me drawing and write my evidence of survival and any message that comes through at the side of the drawing.  At the end of the message, I will show my drawing to the person receiving the message and the audience.  

The drawing is likely to be of someone in the family and friendship group of the person being read for but sometimes not and you may have to think a little outside of the box to recognise who it is or ask an older relative.  Of course sometimes it is the spirit coming through with the medium. 

You have to remember that it is not just relatives that want to make contact but friends and even people we may have cared for in our work too.   I feel, that there is a group of spirits waiting to come through for each person, and really why would only one spirit  make communication when its possible for two or three to do so. On a very rare occasion the drawing will be of a living person, but if it is, it just means that the spirit person is thinking of them.   Very occasionally, two people can be seen in one drawing as well! The drawing will be a 'likeness' rather than a finished portrait because I only have approximately 10 minutes to work on the drawing instead of the hours it takes to do a finished portrait.

No two spirit artists work in the same way, we are all different in the way we produce our work.
 I love doing readings on a one to one basis. The real aim of a one to one reading is to try to connect with the person the client most wants to hear from in the spirit world.  However,  making a connection with one particular person is not as easy as it sounds and can't be guaranteed because communication is dependent upon the wishes of the spirit people themselves too.  So we need to be of an open mind when we go for a reading because whoever needs to say something to us the most,  is the spirit that will be there. ​​

One to one readings last about 45 minutes  and can be with or without a drawing. It is likely there will be both evidential elements from the spirit world of survival after death as well as some psychic evidence  too.  

I also enjoy working with the journey of the soul when I give a reading as well.  The glimpses I get of the soul's journey often resonate with the life the client is leading at present and can give greater understanding and meaning to their existence today.  

​I work clairvoyantly and also clairsentiently so I see what spirit is showing me in my head and feel their emotion in my solar plexus.  Sometimes I also hear them too and this is called clairaudience.

​I am  happy to read by Skype, so don't let distance be a barrier.
I enjoy doing Auragraphs, they take time and care to do, they can be any shape, such as a circle, square or triangle for example. They can be one picture, or several different pictures portraying aspects of someone's life, they can even be just colours.   

Auragraphs are a visual way of doing a reading. They were invented by a medium called Harold Sharp who called them 'an artistic diagram of the human aura'. He worked under the influence of his Chineses guide to produce drawings.

I draw whatever I  feel is important and relevant to the person I am  linking with.   An Auragraph can be symbolic and is a psychic reading which means the reading is done by working with the energy of the client only and not the spirit world.

Auragraphs can be done without the sitter being present and can be easily sent by email or by post.